Greg Duquette

Teaching Professor (Sabbatical Leave)

Kinesiology, Faculty of

KIN 345

1 506 447 3089

Research interests

  • Critical sport management: teams, facilities, events & identity
  • Physical literacy, recreation & community wellness
  • Experiential learning in Kinesiology


Prof. Duquette is a Senior Instructor in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick. He has pursued a passion for sport, recreation and physical literacy in different communities and organizations across Canada and the United States. Under the banner of Kinesiology, his interests range from organizational studies and management to geography and sociology. Greg is also the Faculty Coordinator for all undergraduate experiential learning including internships, practicums and international exchanges.


My primary teaching objective is facilitating effective management and delivery of sport, recreation and wellness in organizations and communities across Canada and beyond.

Courses taught

  • RSS 2011 - Management of Sport and Recreation Organizations
  • RSS 2032 – Recreation and Sport Programming
  • RSS 2052 – Foundations of Tourism
  • RSS 4012 – Recreation and Sport Facility Operations
  • RSS 4053 – Financial Management of Recreation and Sport Organizations
  • RSS 4092 – Senior Integrative Course in Recreation and Sport Studies
  • RSS 3100 – Professional Internship
  • RSS/KIN 3913/3914/4910 – Practicum
  • KIN 1001 - Introduction to Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport Studies
  • KIN 6300 – Foundations of Sport and Recreation


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