Nan Gao

Associate Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Head Hall E46A

1 506 451 6918

Research interests

  • Experimental Fluid Mechanics
  • Measurement Science and Technologies

Selected publications

Gao N, Ching CY, Ewing D*, Naughton JW (2022) Comparison of the mean skin friction with the heat transfer and the flow development in turbulent planar wall-attaching jet flows. International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 94: 108923

Liu XH, Wang H, Wu CJ, Gao N* (2020), On the calibration-free two-component wall-shear-stress measurement technique using dual-layer hot-films, Review of Scientific Instruments, 91,085004;

Li ZY, Zhang D, Liu YK, Wu CJ, Gao N* (2020), Effect of periodic perturbations on the turbulence statistics in a backward-facingstep flow, Physics of Fluids, 32, 075116;

Xia Y, Gao N* , Ewing D (2020) Passive control of a planar offset attaching jet using a perforated bottom plate over a closed cavity, Physical Review Fluids, 5:054603