Muhammad Afzal


Mechanical Engineering

Head Hall (New) E-46A

1 506 453 4880

Research interests

  • Microwave heating, processing, biochar and biofertilizer
  • Biomass pre-processing, bio-drying and storage
  • Densification, solid biofuels, torrefaction
  • Techno-economic analysis of bioenergy pathways
  • Biomass combustion and emissions
  • Biomass supply logistics and modeling
  • Modeling of heat and mass transfer
  • Biomaterials, thermo-physical properties

Selected research publications

Bennamoun, L., Chen, Z., Afzal, M.T., 2016. Microwave drying of wastewater sludge: Experimental and modeling study. Drying Technology, 34 (2)235-243.

Harun, N.Y., and Afzal, M.T., 2016. Effect of particle size on mechanical properties pellets made from biomass blends. Procedia Engineering, 148:93-99.

Harun, N.Y., and Afzal, M.T., 2015. Chemical and mechanical properties of pellets made from agricultural and woody biomass blends. Transaction of ASABE, 58(4):921930.

Motasemi, f., Arshad Adam Salema, Afzal, M.T., 2015. Microwave dielectric properties of agricultural biomass at high temperature and in inert environment. Transaction of ASABE, 58(3):869-877.

Bennamoun, L., Chen, Z., Salema, A.A., Afzal, M.T., 2015. Moisture diffusivity during microwave drying of wastewater sewage. Transactions of ASABE, 58(2): 501-508.

Bennamoun, L., Afzal, M.T., and Leonard, A., 2015. Drying of alga as a source of bioenergy feedstock and food supplement - a review, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 50:1203-1212.

Motasemi, F., Salema, A.A., and Afzal, M.T., 2015. Dielectric characterization of corn stover for microwave processing technology. Fuel Processing Technology, 131:370-375.

Salema, A.A., and Afzal, M.T., 2015. Numerical simulation of heating behavior in biomass bed and pellets under multimode microwave system. International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 91:12-24.

Harun, N.Y., and Afzal, M.T., 2015. Combustion behavior and thermal analysis of agricultural and woody biomass blends. Advances in Environmental Biology, 9(15):34-40.

Motasemi, F., Salema, A.A., and Afzal, M.T., 2014. Microwave dielectric characterization of hay during pyrolysis. Industrial Crops and Products, 61:492-498.