Huining Xiao



Chemical Engineering

Head Hall E46B

1 506 453 3532

Educational background

  • Ph. D. (1994) Chemical Engineering, McMaster University, Canada
  • M. Eng./B. Eng. (1987 /1982), Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University of Chemical Technology, China

Academic experience

Professor (7/2005 – present); Associate Professor (8/2001 – 6/2005): Department of Chemical Engineering & Limerick Pulp & Paper Centre, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton Canada.

Lecturer (1/1996 – 8/2001): Department of Paper Science, University of Manchester Ins. of Sci. & Tech. (UMIST), Manchester UK.

Post Doctoral Fellow (11/1994 - 12/1995): McMaster Centre for Pulp and Paper Research, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, McMaster University, Hamilton Canada.

Research interests

  • Polymer Synthesis & Processing And Colloid Science
    • Biodegradable polymers for packaging materials;
    • Syntheses of functional polymers: antimicrobial polymers; polymeric micro- or nanoparticles; hyperbranched or star polymers as drug carriers and for DNA delivery;
    • Temperature or pH responsive polymers: smart hydrogels; characterization using a pico-force atomic force microscope (AFM); layer-by-layer assembly of polyelectrolytes.
    • Fundamentals of flocculation induced by nanoparticles/polymer systems.
    • Polymer modifications for nanocomposites, biocomposites; Microporous and mesoporous materials as absorbents.
  • Pulp & Paper Science And Technology
    • Polymer-modified cellulose fibres for the value-added paper products or enhancing the performance of papers. Responsive or smart polymers for surface modification of fibres.
    • Hydrophobic modification of cellulose fibre networks or paper for green packaging.
    • Modification of cellulose fibres; rendering cellulose fibres and paper products antimicrobial or hydrophobic via polymer grafting and modified micro- or nanocapsules.
    • Fillers or fines retention induced by polymers and novel micro or nano-particle retention systems. Strength additives for papermaking.

Research-related responsibilities

Member of Board of Directors of SENTINEL – Bioactive Paper (NSERC NCE – Networks of Centres of Excellence) (2008 – ); and Theme Leader (Surface Science) of SENTINEL (2009 - 2010) of SENTINEL and Patholgen Deactivation Theme (2010 - present)/

Theme Leader (Chemical Modification of Fibres) of Innovative Green Wood Fibre Products Networks – (NSERC Strategic Network) Canada (1. 2010 - present)

Member of Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Grant Selection Committee (GSC) 1151 (Chem & Metallurgy Eng) (10.2007 – 3, 2010 ) and (12/2011 – 2/2012)

Selected publications

Papers published in peer-reviewed journals from 2004-2011

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  2. Pedram Fatehi, Huining Xiao, Theo G.M. van de Ven “Quantitative Analysis of Cationic Poly(vinyl alcohol) Diffusion into the Hairy Structure of Cellulose Fiber Pores: Charge Density Effect”, Langmuir  Vol. 27: 13489–13496(2011).
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