Kyle Rogers

Assistant Professor

Chemical Engineering

Head Hall E230C

1 506 453 4588

Educational background

  • PhD, 2020, Chemical Engineering, University of New Brunswick
  • BScE, 2014, Chemical Engineering, University of New Brunswick

Research interests

  • Production and upgrading of clean fuels/biofuels
  • Thermochemical processing of biomass materials (e.g., pyrolysis, liquefaction) of biomass materials
  • Catalysis
    • Catalytic upgrading of bio-oil (e.g., hydrotreating)
    • Reforming and water-gas-shift
  • Hydrogen production and conservation
  • Waste-to-energy conversions

My research focuses on developing thermal and catalytic technologies for generating clean fuels, such as hydrogen gas and biofuels, from biomass materials. At UNB, we are actively advancing these technologies are advanced through bench-scale experiments with high temperature and pressure reactors, catalyst and sample analysis/characterization, and techno-economic assessments.

Passion fuels my research, driving the exploration of innovative solutions. If you are passionate about clean fuels and catalysts or have ideas to share, I invite you to connect with me at Linked In.