Olga Palazhchenko

Assistant Professor

Chemical Engineering

Enterprise UNB 116A


1 506 453 4540

Educational background

  • PhD (2017) Chemical Engineering, University of New Brunswick
  • MSc (2012) Materials Science, Ontario Tech University
  • BSc (2010) Chemistry (Hons), Ontario Tech University

Research interests

  • Material and radioactivity transport
  • Computational model development
  • Corrosion
  • Aqueous chemistry

My research is focused on applying both experimental and computational methods to better understand the corrosion product transport behaviour in power plant systems. This includes the use of bench-scale experiments, flow-through loops, and thermal-hydraulic and activity transport modelling to simulate primary- and secondary-side nuclear plant chemistry conditions. I am also a part of the Centre for Nuclear Energy Research (CNER), which allows for extensive collaboration with both industry partners and other researchers in the nuclear field at UNB.

Recent publications

O. Palazhchenko, W. Cook, A. Martin and J. Lennox, "Update on predicting RIHT using the UNB-CNER CANDU-6 PHT System Model," Power & Plant Chemistry Journal, 23(3), 2021.

O. Palazhchennko, W. Cook, A. Martin and D. Taylor, "Heat transfer add-on to the UNB-CNER CANDU-6 PHT System Material Transport Model," Power & Plant Chemistry Journal, 22(6), 2020.

O. Palazhchenko, W. Cook and D. Taylor, “UNB CANDU-6 Primary heat transport system code: development and validation of a thermal-hydraulic expansion” In Proceedings of the 38th Annual Conference of the Canadian Nuclear Society, Saskatoon, SK, June 3-6, 2018.