Paula Kristmanson



Education, Faculty of

Marshall d'Avray Hall 346

1 506 458 7115


  • Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) University of New Brunswick (2006)
  • M.Ed. (Master of Education) University of New Brunswick (1994)
  • B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) University of New Brunswick (1989)
  • CFLS (Certificat en français langue seconde) Université Laval (1987)

Key areas of interest

  • Second language teaching and learning
  • ESL/EAL methodology
  • Language Portfolios
  • Language Repertoires
  • Teacher education
  • Instructional practices related to second language writing
  • Teaching and learning in multilingual contexts
  • Qualitative research


  • ED5564: Introduction to second language education (1997, 2000-present)
  • ED5566: Field experience in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) (2000-present)
  • ED5565: Advanced studies in ESL education (2002, 2005-present)
  • ED5001 and ED5002: Teaching and Learning Theories (2008-present)
  • ED5050: B.Ed. Internship (1997-present)
  • ED5033: Special Topics in ESL education (web-based course)
  • ED3562: Initiation à la didactique du français langue seconde (2005-2007)
  • ED6821: Qualitative Research Methods

Supervisor and Committee member for several Master’s and PhD theses in areas related to language teaching and learning.


As a researcher in the Second Language Research Institute, I am a member of a research team that includes faculty members, graduate students and faculty associates. Our projects are both local and national in scope and involve a wide range of topics related to second language learning and teaching. We are involved several academic and pedagogical projects dealing with literacy (reading and writing), assessment, and literacy across the curriculum in both French second language and English second language contexts.

The mission of our Institute is "to play a pivotal role in second language education in Canada and abroad including teacher preparation, research, bilingual program evaluation, and policy development" and to support both scholars and educators working in the field of second language in our province and country.

Professional practice, committees and volunteer work

Culligan, K., Le Bouthillier, J., Dicks, J., & Kristmanson, P. (2017). Les interactions orales pendant la résolution de problèmes mathématiques en immersion française : une perspective socioculturelle. In C. Dumais, R. Bergeron, M. Pellerin, & C. Lavoie (Eds.), L’oral et son enseignement : pluralité des contextes linguistiques (pp. 243-259). Côte Saint-Luc, QC: Éditions Peisaj.

Moe, E., Härmälä, M., Kristmanson, P. (2016). Learning subject matter in a second language: A CEFR-based tool to support immigrant and migrant students in Language Assessment for Multilingualism. Cambridge University Press, 134-155.

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Culligan, K., Dicks, J. Kristmanson, P., Roy, A. (2015). Collaborative Problem Solving in French Immersion Mathematics. Conference proceedings for Ireland International Conference on Education, Dublin, Ireland.

Kristmanson, P. & Dicks, J. (2014). Looking through the one-way mirror: Reflections on the changing face(s) of immersion in North America and beyond. Journal of Immersion and Content-based Language Education (Special Issue), 2 (2), 273- 287.

Culligan, K. & Kristmanson, P. (2014). International internships as personal and professional development opportunities in L. Thomas, (Ed.). E-book published by the Canadian Association for Teacher Education/Association canadienne pour la formation à l’enseignement.

Kristmanson, P., Lafargue, C., Culligan, K. (2013). Experiences with Autonomy: Learners’ Voices on Language Learning. Canadian Modern Language Review, 69 (4), 462-486.

Kristmanson, P., Lafargue, C., Culligan, K. (2011). From Action to Insight: A Professional Learning Community’s Experiences with the European Language Portfolio. Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 14 (2), 20-52.

Hirschkorn, M., Sears, A., Kristmanson, P., Winslow, K., & Rich, S. (2010). Perfect Storm: Transitioning a new teacher education program vision into actuality. Education Canada, 50 (1), 19-21.


Current academic service: Member of UNB Fredericton Senate; Senate Curriculum Committee; Registrar’s advisory committee; Field Services, Admission and Undergraduate Programs Committees for Faculty of Education

Current professional service: Member of Executive of the Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics and Co-Editor of the Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics; Co-Chair of the CASLT Language Without Borders 2019 Conference; Past-President TESL NB; Acting President TESL Canada

Past academic service: SS&P (Student Standing and Promotions) Committee for UNB Fredericton; Chair of Senate Admissions Committee; Member of Steering Committee for new Bachelor of Education program

Past professional service: President of TESL NB (Teachers of English as a Second Language of New Brunswick); Chair of TESL NB Spring Conferences; Elected Director for TESL Canada Board (Chair of TESL Canada Journal Committee); Member of several CASLT (Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers) Advisory and Working Committees; Co-Editor of Special Issue of Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics on FSL and ESL Teacher Education; Invited Co-Chair of Special Symposium on FSL and ESL Teaching Training in conjunction with the Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics (ACLA)/L'Association canadienne de la linguistique appliquée (ACLA)