Beth Keyes

Senior Teaching Associate


Social Science

Hazen Hall 105

Saint John
1 506 648 5994

Dr. Beth Keyes is a Senior Teaching Associate and also the Coordinator of the BA/BEd program at UNB Saint John. She completed her PhD in Education at UNB, and also has an extensive background in both Neuropsychology and Special Education that inform her current research interests. With her specialized training in the specific area of Learning Disabilities and Inclusive Service Provision Models, Dr. Keyes is often invited to speak at local and provincial workshops and conferences, and also serves on many University and Community-based committees.

Dr. Keyes has created several new courses for UNB, including Service Learning in Elementary Education and Inclusion for Early Years Education. Her experience teaching and consulting in the New Brunswick Public Education system in various capacities enables her to provide authentic contexts for her teaching and research endeavors.

Dr. Keyes has received several awards for her teaching, including the Faculty of Excellence Award for Teaching, the Departmental Award for Teaching Excellence, and has been nominated for the Allan P. Stewart Award for Excellence in Teaching. Her pedagogical approach involves providing her students with a comprehensive exploration of the theoretical underpinnings of the content she is teaching (both historical and current perspectives), combined with specific, relevant and practical applications of that theory in actual classroom practice.

Dr. Keyes strives to bring into the university classroom, true contemporary depictions of how the material she is sharing is demonstrated in real classroom and school-based scenarios drawn actively from the field.