Tobin LeBlanc Haley

Assistant Professor


Social Science

Hazen Hall 208

Saint John
1 506 648 5871

Tobin LeBlanc Haley is an Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Department of Social Science in the Faculty of Arts. Originally from New Brunswick, she completed her BA (Hons) and MA at UNB before obtaining her PhD from York University.

Her research is community-engaged, blending critical policy ethnography, archival research, and arts-informed approaches to make visible the impacts of Canadian social policy for people living at the intersection of disability, socio-economic poverty, and housing precarity, and to chart new opportunities for positive change. She is the host of a political television show, the NB Debrief, and is currently working on a number of externally-funded research projects related to housing, disability and poverty.

Dr. Haley is committed to student-centered, accessible, and anti-racist/anti-oppressive pedagogy, and encourages students to bring their own experiences into the classroom.

Selected publications and reports

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Jones, C., Collins, K., & Haley, TL. (2021). ‘We lost to sushi’: Why My Octopus Teacher is our win, too. Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies, 15 (4), 493-497.

Haley, TL. & Jones, CT. (2020). Sites and Shapes of Transinstitutionalization. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 9 (3). Special Issue.

Haley, TL, Pin, L., Mussell, J., & Froese, R. (2019). A Picture of Poverty in Dufferin County, ON: A Final Report for Poverty Reduction Grants. Report prepared for the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Haley, TL. (2019). Mad (Re) Production: Defining ‘Mental Illness’ in the Neoliberal Age in Ontario in M. Thomas, L. Vosko, C. Fanelli & O. Lyubchenk (Eds.), Change and Continuity: Canadian Political Economy in the New Millennium (pp. 245-264). McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Haley, TL. (2019). The (Un) Writing of Risk on the Mad Pregnant Body: A Feminist Political Economy Analysis of Social Reproduction and Epistemic Violence under Neoliberalism in A. Daley, L. Costa & P. Beresford (Eds.), Madness, violence and power: A Critical Collection (pp 184-195). University of Toronto Press.

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