Dann Downes


Faculty of Arts

Hazen Hall 206B

Saint John

1 506 648 5984

Dann Downes is Professor of Information and Communication Studies at the University of New Brunswick in Saint John. He received his BA from the University of Ottawa, MA from Carleton and PhD from McGill University in Communication. He was a post-doctoral fellow in the Faculty of Law at McGill and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He teaches courses in media theory, popular music, intellectual property and media ecology.

Dr. Downes has published articles on copyright and transproperty, the new media economy and the role of media in the construction of community and personal identity. His research interests include D.I.Y. culture and handmade electronic musical technology and the role of intellectual property in the regulation of cultural industries and popular culture.

As a musician, Dann has performed for over twenty-five years. He plays roots music and surf guitar. His latest recording, The Morticia Project was released in 2017. It was not featured in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Selected publications

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Discography: Isiah Lightning. Starry Crown CD. Performed banjo. Released September, 2016, Bad People. You’re This Close CD, Tooth & the Fang. Void: moving without having moved. CD. Released May, 2016, digital single "Mary Had a Baby" (2011), Brent Mason's Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (2011), New Wolf at the Door (2011), Mike Biggar's The Season (2010), Saint John 225 A Celebration in Song, (2010), A Very Vintage Christmas (2009), One Runs at Midnight (The Shaggy Dogs 2006).