David Rehorick

Professor Emeritus





David Rehorick, Ph.D. (University of Alberta, 1974) is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of New Brunswick where he taught from 1974 to 2007. He is also Professor Emeritus, Human and Organizational Development, at the Fielding Graduate University, serving as Research Faculty (1995-2006), then full-time faculty (2007-2012).

After retiring from full-time university teaching, he has continued contributing to research and scholarly publications. Moving to Vancouver has provided an opportunity to return to jazz piano study. His life as a blend of scholarship and jazz music is profiled on davidrehorick.com.

His research and editorial contributions embrace interpretive studies and phenomenology, educational praxis, sociological theory, the health sciences, and the creative arts. He has served on six editorial boards of academic journals, including Review Editor of Human Studies: A Journal for Philosophy and the Social Sciences. He has co-edited a collection entitled Transformative Phenomenology: Changing Ourselves, Lifeworlds, and Professional Practice (2008), Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books (pbk. 2009). 

David was appointed Founding Faculty and Fellow in Comparative Culture at The Miyazaki International College in Japan (1994-97). He is also a founder of Renaissance College, the first undergraduate leadership studies program in Canada, and became the first Director of International Internships (2001-04).  He is an award-winning educator, with appointment as “University Teaching Scholar” at UNB (2005-08), by receipt of the Association of Atlantic Universities Instructional Leadership Award (1995), and the Allan P. Stuart Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching (1984).

Currently, as a partner in the Rehorick Group (Educational and Organizational Development), David has helped to create a new curriculum, for Jumeira University in Dubai, which merges academic content with language development.

His teaching has embraced areas such as interpersonal relations and personality; population studies, human development and consciousness; cross-cultural studies; the sociology of culture, of music, and of Eastern religions. A particular focus of expertise is qualitative research methodologies, including phenomenology and hermeneutics, narrative inquiry, ethnography, autobiographical methods, and mixed method approaches to empirical inquiry.

In the course of his career, he has served as chairperson, committee member, and External Examiner on approximately 200 doctoral dissertations. At Fielding, he has worked with mid-career practitioners who pursue a doctoral education to seek the rigour of scholarly research to enhance their understanding of issues and problems within their areas of professional expertise.

David’s personal avocation is playing jazz piano, something that fuels his curiosity about the intersection of language, consciousness, and music.

Selected publications

Rehorick, D., Bentz, V.M., Marlatt, J., Nishii, A., Estrada, C. (2018). Transformative phenomenology as an antidote to technological Deathworlds. Schutzian Research, Vol. 10, pp. 189-220.

Rehorick, David & Bentz, Valerie. (2017). (Eds.), Expressions of Phenomenological Research: Consciousness and Lifeworld Studies. Santa Barbara, CA: Fielding University Press, pbk. 313pp. (available from Amazon.com and Amazon.ca)

Rehorick, David & Rehorick, Sally. (2016). The leregogy of curriculum design: Teaching and learning as relational endeavours. In A. Tajino, T. Stewart, U& D. Dalsky (Eds.), Team teaching and team learning in the language classroom: Collaboration for innovation in ELT (pp. 143-163). London: Routledge.