Ryan Hamilton

Associate Professor



Keirstead Hall 208


1 506 453 5030

I am probably best described as an applied sport psychologist; however, my research spans two major streams of inquiry: 1) The application of psychology to sport and exercise performance, and 2) the development of hope and coping in cancer survivors.

Graduate and honours students in my lab are involved in funded projects representing each of these major areas of interest. Beyond my research, I am a passionate teacher who applies innovative approaches in the classroom to support the learning and personal development of the students in my classes. Finally, I am a practicing sport psychologist with ties to the UNB Reds teams and individual student-athletes, the Canadian Sport Centre, Hockey Canada, and a National Hockey League franchise.

Selected publications

Running After Cancer Experiences documentary

Hamilton, R., Scott, D., LaChapelle, D., & O’Sullivan, L. F. (In Press). Applying social cognitive theory to predict hazing perpetration in university athletics. Journal of Sport Behavior, to be published Summer 2016.  

Hamilton, R. & Thomas, R. (2015). Renegotiating hope while living with lymphoedema after cancer: A qualitative study. European Journal of Cancer Care. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1111/ecc.12382

Thomas, R., & Hamilton, R. (2014). Illustrating the (in)visible: Understanding the impact of loss in adults living with secondary lymphedema after cancer. International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being, 9. doi: 10.3402/qhw.v9.24354

Hamilton, R., Scott, D., O’Sullivan, L. F., & LaChapelle, D. L. (2013). An examination of the rookie hazing experiences of university athletes in Canada. Canadian Journal for Social Research, 3(1), 35-48.

Hamilton, R., Miedema, B., MacIntyre, L., & Easley, J. (2011). Enhancing breast cancer survivors coping skills using a positive self-talk intervention: Lessons from a community based group delivery model. Current Oncology, 18(2), e46-e53.


  • PhD, Experimental and Applied Psychology
  • MSES, Sport and Exercise Science
  • BA (honours), Psychology


  • Undergraduate courses
    • PSYC 1023 – Introduction to Psychology II
    • PSYC 3113 - Introduction to Statistical Inference in Experimental Psychology
    • PSYC 3315 – Applications of Cognitive Behavioural Technique
    • PSYC 4403 – Honours Seminar in Social Psychology – Performance Enhancement
  • Graduate courses
    • PSYC 6003 – Multivariate Statistics
    • PSYC 6001 - Statistics and Design I

Professional awards

  • 2016 Harrison McCain Foundation Young Scholars Award
  • 2010-2011 Faculty of Arts Teaching Award (Full-time)

Twitter: @hammy_sportpsyc