Ronald Weed

Associate Professor


Carleton Hall C-208

1 506 453 4737

Areas of specialization

  • Ancient Greek Philosophy (especially Aristotle)
  • Political Thought

Areas of concentration

  • Ethical Theory
  • Early Modern Philosophy


  • PhD Saint Louis University
  • Visiting Graduate Student, Fachbereich Philosophie, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • MA Political Theory, University of Toronto
  • MTS Regis College, Toronto
  • Visiting Student, London School of Economics
  • B.A. Philosophy/Political Science, Boston College

Representative publications

"Aristotle on the Function of the Political Mean" in F. Lisi and M. Curnis (Eds.), The Harmony of Conflict: The Aristotelian Foundation of Politics. Aristotle’s Politics (Academia Verlag, 2017).

“Aristotle on the Power of Factional Friendships: Instruments of Force of Disabling Associations?”, Philosophy, Culture and Traditions, Vol. 11 (2015).

Diagnosing Division and Conflict in the Religious Violence Thesis,” Political Theology 15, (6)(Nov, 2014).

“Public Reason and the Sources of Deliberative Conflict: Beiner, Rawls and the Legacy of Civil Religion for Political Liberalism,” (Review Essay) European Journal of Political Theory 12, (3) (2013).

Aristotle on Stasis: A Moral Psychology of Political Conflict (Berlin: Logos Verlag, 2007).

Civil Religion in Political Thought: Its Perennial Questions and Enduring Relevance in North America, co-editor with John von Heyking (Washington, DC: Catholic University Press of America, 2010).

From Ancient Greek to Asian Philosophy, co-editor with E. Hoppe (Athens: Athens Institute for Education and Research, 2007).

Ongoing projects

  • Aristotle and Political Conflict
  • Virtue Ethics and the Situationist Critique
  • Aristotle and Rawls on Envy
  • Injustice in Political Thought
  • Aristotle and Honour Distribution
  • George Grant and Rawls on Inequality and Technological Economy

Regular teaching

  • PHIL 3302 Later Greek Philosophy
  • PHIL 3601 Liberalism and Its Critics
  • PHIL 1101 Critical Thinking
  • PHIL 1302 History of Philosophy II * Arts 1000 (Tutorial)
  • PHIL 3308 Plato’s Republic
  • PHIL 3205 Contemporary Ethical Theory