Tony Robinson-Smith

Contract Academic Instructor



1 506 453 4676

Tony Robinson-Smith has been a Contract Academic Instructor with the Department of English at UNB since 2005 when he graduated from the university with an MA in English & Creative Writing.

Over the years, he has taught numerous writing skills courses (academic and technical) and introductions to literature (fiction and non-fiction). He teaches a second-year course in his specialist field, travel writing. Tony spent six years teaching English language in Japan, two years teaching English literature and language in the Kingdom of Bhutan, and three summers teaching English for Academic Purposes to international learners at Nottingham Trent University in England while studying for his PhD in Creative Writing. He currently teaches creative writing at St. Thomas University.

Tony is interested in non-fiction travel writing. He is the author of two travel memoirs, Back in 6 Years (Goose Lane Editions, 2008) about his journey in the 1990s around the earth without using aircraft, and The Dragon Run (University of Alberta Press, 2017) about his 578km ultramarathon across the Bhutanese Himalayas with his wife and ten college students to raise money to send local village kids to school.

He is currently writing a third travel memoir (funded, like The Dragon Run, by Arts New Brunswick) about the voyage by dug-out canoe he and his wife undertook on the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea in 2018. Tony has written travel sketches for The Globe and Mail and is a regular contributor of articles to the American online travel magazine Perceptive Travel.