Philip Leonard

Research Associate



Singer Hall 459

1 506 447 3205


  • Econ 3724 – Economics of Human Resources
  • Econ 6815 – Health Economics

Research interests

  • Health economics
  • Education economics
  • Labour economics
  • program evaluation

Refereed journal articles

Crouse DL, Leonard PSJ, Boudreau J and JT McDonald. 2018. “Associations between provider and hospital volumes and postoperative mortality following total hip arthroplasty in New Brunswick: Results from a provincial-level cohort study,” Canadian Journal of Surgery, 61 (2), 88-93. DOI 10.1503/cjs.006917

Leonard, Philip, S.J. 2017. "Do School Junk Food Bans Improve Student Health? Evidence from Canada". Canadian Public Policy. 43 (2), 105-119. DOI: 10.3138/cpp.2016-090

Leonard, Philip, S.J. 2015. “Choice of Ontario High Schools and Student Sorting by Ability,” Applied Economics, 47 (49), 5282-5302. DOI:10.1080/00036846.2015.1047087

Leonard, Philip, S.J. 2015. “Choice of Ontario High Schools and its Impact on University ApplicationsEducation Economics, 23 (4), 433-454. DOI: 10.1080/09645292.2013.856869

Leonard, Philip S.J., Arthur Sweetman and Xue (Helen) Zhang. 2014. “Optometry Services in Ontario: Supply- and Demand-side Factors from 2011 to 2036,” Healthcare Policy, 10 (1), 60-72. DOI:10.12927/hcpol.2014.23928.

Book chapters

Leonard, Phil, and Arthur Sweetman. 2015. “Paying the Health Workforce,” in Bending the Cost Curve in Health Care: Canada’s Provinces in International Perspective, Gregory P. Marchildon and Livio Di Matteo (editors). The Johnson-Shoyama Series on Public Policy. Toronto: U of Toronto Press.

Reports (non peer-reviewed)

Levy A, McDonald JT, Krause J, Leonard P, Stock D for the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit (2016). Putting geographic variation in surgical procedures on the map: Geographic variation in coronary artery bypass surgery and hip and knee replacement surgeries in the Maritime Provinces. Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit. Halifax, Nova Scotia.


2018 Vanderkamp Prize - Awarded for best paper in Canadian Public Policy in 2017 for: “Do School Junk Food Bans Improve Student Health? Evidence from Canada”

2017-18 - Nominated for University of New Brunswick Arts Faculty Teaching Award


Phil talks to media about his research on school junk food sales bans.