Zsuzsa Szabo-Nyarady

Contract Academic Instructor


Culture and Media Studies

Carleton Hall 302


1 506 458 7715

Multi-disciplinary educator Dr. Zsuzsanna Szabo-Nyarady teaches Russian language courses in the Department of Culture and Media Studies at UNB. She also developed and taught several Culture and Dance courses for this Department.

Zsuzsa’s academic training includes an MA and Ph.D. in Russian language and literature. Growing up between Hungary and Russia she learned to speak fluent Russian as a young child. Her academic research explored the early works of Russian writer Anton Chekhov, looking at the stylistics of modes of address as mirrored in English and Hungarian translations.

Presently, Zsuzsa is teaching introductory Russian language courses, using a variety of participatory teaching techniques to facilitate students’ learning. The objective is to provide a strong foundation in the Russian language. She makes complex grammar easy to learn by breaking it down into small components, which are then practiced through creative and enjoyable exercises. These may include music, puppets and games, making her classes lively and fun and the grammar memorable. Students become familiar with reading in Russian through the use of authentic materials, such as film and video game titles and restaurant menus.

Zsuzsa’s Russian language classes make a strong connection between language and culture. One of the highlights of each course is the end of the term Russian class party that includes a variety of cultural presentations, authentic food and music.

Zsuzsa is also a dance scholar and movement educator. Her academic training in this area is a Fine Arts degree with dance major from York University with additional notable training in modern dance at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, the Martha Graham School in New York, teacher training workshops at the National Ballet School in Toronto and many other courses, including studies on the art of Dance on Film at Bates College.

Her Culture and Dance courses blend theory and practice. In these classes, students have the opportunity to not only study dance history and theory, but also to attend live performances, experience dancing at their own level, create dances and dance videos.

She loves to teach all of her subject areas and has great respect for her students. She has taught students of all ages, across many cultures. She frequently attends and presents at conferences and keeps up to date with new educational methodologies.

In every course that Dr Zsuzanna Szabo-Nyarady teaches she enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with her students and helping her students to succeed.


  • BA (UNB, Fredericton)
  • BFA (York University, Toronto)
  • MA (UNB, Fredericton)
  • MA (Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont, USA)
  • Ph.D. (ELTE, Budapest, Hungary)
  • Dip.U.T. (Diploma in University Teaching, UNB, Fredericton)

Recent conference presentations

2018: "Cultivating Learning Readiness", Kaleidescope Teaching Showcase, UNB, Fredericton, NB

2017: "Mindfulness and Playfulness in the Introductory Second Language Class for University Students", Mindfulness and Contemplative Practices in Education Conference, UNB, Fredericton, NB

2016: Roundtable Panel: "Teaching Russian at Canadian Universities", Teaching Russian Conference, UVic, Victoria, BC

2014: Adaptations and Accommodations for Students with Special Needs in the Introductory Russian Class. Teaching Russian Conference, UVic, Victoria, BC.

2012: Kinesthetic Teaching and Learning in the Introductory Russian Class. Teaching Russian Conference, UVic, Victoria, BC.

2010: “Dance and the Liberal Arts”, International Conference on the Liberal Arts, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB

2010: “Body/Mind Fitness” Brian Ouellette Spirituality Conference, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB

Courses taught

  • RUSS 1013: Introductory Russian 1
  • RUSS 1023: Introductory Russian 2
  • RUSS 2013: Second Year Russian Language 1
  • RUSS 2023: Second Year Russian Language 2
  • WLCS 1002: Modernity, Eternity and Cultures in Collision
  • CCS 2024: Culture and Dance I – So You Think You Know Dance
  • CCS 2025: Culture and Dance II – Dance in the Global Village
  • CCS 2026: Dance on Film and Video

Teaching awards

  • 2018 Winner of the “Change One Thing” teaching prize, UNB (Through the Teaching and Learning Priority Fund)
  • 2018 Nominated for Teaching Innovation Award (UNB)
  • 2012 Nominated for Allan P. Stuart Teaching Award, UNB