Xiamen University

Xiamen University

#422 Siming South Road, Xiamen, 361005, China

Xiamen University is a comprehensive university founded in 1921. Xiamen University has a graduate school, 27 schools containing 76 departments and 10 research institutes and research centers.

The university now has a total enrolment of over 40,000 full-time students on campus, including 19,570 undergraduates, 17,490 master students, 2,919 doctoral students, and over 2,800 international students.

At present, Xiamen University’s 3 campuses cover over 600 hectares. With green hills behind and fronting the sea, Xiamen University is recognized as one of the most beautiful universities in China.

Website URL: ice.xmu.edu.cn/english/
Accommodations: http://ice.xmu.edu.cn/english/showinfo.aspx?info_id=42
Cost: Low http://ice.xmu.edu.cn/english/showinfo.aspx?info_id=43
External Funding Available: Yes
Availability: 2
Academic Dates:

Term structure

Spring semester starts mid-january
Fall semester starts mid-September

Students should arrive on the first two days after the beginning of a semester.

XMU Academic Calendar: http://jwc.xmu.edu.cn/s/58/t/215/12/e5/info135909.htm

Course Timetable: http://admissions.xmu.edu.cn/en/clist/74.html
Program Type: Exchange
Language: English , Native language
Available Subjects: business and entrepreneurship , law , engineering - chemical
Travel Information: http://travel.gc.ca/destinations/china
Practical Information:

Exchange students will get their student ID for course selections.

The online application for courses at the university level will be open after they complete the registration at the beginning of semester. For courses provided by departments, students are advised to complete the course registration instructed by the department teaching secretaries in charge. Normally, the first week of new semester is set for auditing classes and the attendance and in-class performance won’t be counted into the final evaluation. Students are allowed to report their withdrawal or invalidate any course selected online or to the teaching secretary in charge.

Websites that provide important information for incoming exchange students to make their stay in Xiamen a pleasant and comfortable one:


http://www.xiamenwave.com/ (Xiamen City)

http://www.whatsonxiamen.com/tag-Xiamen+transportation.html (Xiamen City transportation )

http://www.whatsonxiamen.com/ask.php?type=Travel   (Travel and Entertainment)

Airport pick-up service: http://ice.xmu.edu.cn/english/showinfo.aspx?info_id=41  

Registration/orientation: http://ice.xmu.edu.cn/english/showinfo.aspx?info_id=40

Visa Requirements: http://ice.xmu.edu.cn/english/showinfo.aspx?info_id=38
Summer School Information: http://ice.xmu.edu.cn/english/summer/index.html
Additional Information: Scholarships through the Canada-China Scholars' Exchange Program


Bruce Walkinshaw, JD 2015, on exchange in Fall 2014

"What strikes me about Xiamen and Xiamen University are: beauty, warmth, hospitality, and international cooperation.   Xiamen is a warm almost-tropical city by the sea, with sunny days, fresh fruit and lots of beaches. The campus itself is very beautiful, with palm trees and tropical birds everywhere, and it is warm enough that everyone is in shorts and flip flops here – although I am told winter will be here soon and it will cool down to about 15 degrees (I told them by December were I am from it will be -25!).   The food on campus is quite tasty, safe and subsidized by the university (I do like their belief that student food should not be for profit.) The food is also made of very healthy ingredients (fresh veggies, meat and rice … nothing processed and no GMOs). Despite eating lots, I seem to be losing weight, as I keep having to adjust my belt sizes!   I find most people in China like foreigners, and have been super nice to me. I have made many friends with local students here, who have taken me on tours and out for dinners. I also visited Shanghai a few weeks ago and I got a lot of tourists wanting to take their picture with me. The professors are all quite nice here, and there is even one at the law school from Canada (who is an international expert on water law).  I am studying (in English, of course) International Trade Law, International Investment Law, International Tax Law, Sustainable Development Law and Selected Chinese Issues. I am also auditing a Chinese domestic law course and I am taking Chinese language lessons – and I thought I was a bad speller in English! The classes have been great, and my professors have made a real effort to welcome me and include me in class.

There is actually a large international student body at Xiamen from countries around that world, some of which North American countries do not have good relations with, and so it has also been really great to get to know them, and get their perspectives on world issues. As you can imagine, it is also a super interesting time to be in China, and I am learning lots from my professors, fellow students and the various people I have met here.   I am very happy to be here and feel quite lucky."