The MEM Report Presentation of Colette Lemieux -FR

Event Date(s):
December 14, 2018
03:00 PM - 03:45 PM

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The MEM Report Presentation of Colette Lemieux will be held. Report Title: Integrating Climate Change Consideration in Environmental Impact Assessment for New Brunswick.

Supervisor:  Mr. David Maguire, Prov. of New Brunswick/HRA- FOREM

Abstract: Based on the majority of Canadian provincial jurisdictions surveyed, there is an agreement to better integrate climate change considerations in phases of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process. Many projects for which EIAs are required have relatively long-life spans, twenty to hundreds of years. Therefore, it is important to consider how changing climate will influence the project and how the project will affect nearby resources and environment under future climatic conditions. The extent to which climate change should be addressed will also depend on project‐specific factors including: project type, size, location and project duration.  In addition, there is a requirement to have tangible criteria’s, or procedures for data collection and analyses.  This master’s project explores the opportunities of integrating climate change in EIAs, and provides guidance (e.g. guidelines and an EIA process flow chart) to assist proponents and consultants when submitting EIA registrations in New Brunswick, these guidelines and EIA process flow chart could also assist other Canadian provincial jurisdictions.

Building: Forestry & Geology

Room Number: 202


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