Co-op and work experience

Get a head start on your career

Co-op student at work placement at IBM

Co-operative (co-op) education, work placement, and internship programs offered by the University of New Brunswick are designed to provide students with invaluable on-the-job experience.

UNB's employment experience programs can give you an opportunity to apply the knowledge you've gained, and the skills you've developed through your university education, to the workplace – many times while getting paid.

Some career development programs provide academic credits towards your degree.

A co-op, work placement or internship program at UNB gives you an edge in launching your career with real experience to put on your resume.

How it works

Co-op students alternate between academic studies and paid work placements related to their areas of interest.

Some internships are paid while others provide academic credits towards a degree. Others, such as the Renaissance College leadership program, offer a chance to travel and work internationally.

Many UNB programs such as Nursing, Kinesiology and Education include work placements as part of their degree requirements.

UNB’s employment experience programs can be found in all of our faculties:


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