Distributed Practice Group Consult Workshop-FR

Event Date(s):
November 06, 2018
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Event Details:

This workshop will start with a brief consideration of how distributed practice and interleaved instruction facilitate the long-term memory practice students need to retain information and knowledge for the long term, something essential for their future success.

We will then discuss possible ways of achieving the long-term memory rehearsal practice that these methods facilitate, in the disciplines and courses of the workshop attendees, given course size and other constraints. This discussion will focus on the research-informed effective teaching principles that make the implementation of those methods effective. So, the session will be the kind of CETL service one would receive from an instructional consultation, but with the added benefit of insights from teaching colleagues.

Facilitator - Bev Bramble, CETL Instructional Designer

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Building: Marshall d'Avray Hall

Room Number: 334


Nancy Fitzpatrick
1 506 453 4645