Casey Burkholder

Casey Burkholder is a settler, teacher-educator, and participatory visual researcher. Growing up as a white girl in an Indigenous-majority community in Treaty 8 territory in the North West Territories in the early 1990s, Casey learned Alberta’s curriculum, history, and geographies, rather than Indigenous or local ways of knowing. This curriculum did not speak to the community's experiences as Northerners, or to her Indigenous classmates’ lived histories, knowledges, or experiences. To complicate these curricular exclusions, the town had recently closed two residential schools: Breynet Hall and Grandin College. Casey didn’t learn of these places or what they meant until she had long since moved away. Since this time she has wondered, why were the histories of these spaces—as physical memorials of colonial violence—silenced in her educational experiences? In choosing a research path at the intersections of space/land, identity, gender, inclusion, DIY media-making, and Social Studies education, Casey believes her work may contribute to ‘research as intervention’ (Mitchell, 2011) through participatory approaches to equity and social change.