Marilyn Poitras

Marilyn Poitras is the Vice President of Indigenous Governance at the Institute on Governance. In this role she draws on her experience in the filed of Constitutional and Aboriginal Law, negotiation, and education of Indigenous issues and processes as well as advising all levels of government. Her teachings in the area of Indigenous law in Cree, Inuit, Metis and Dene communities as well as her international work in Mindanao informs her sensibility to cross cultural education, governance and negotiation. Marilyn’s work with community, leadership, students and elders provides her with a strong foundation for working across the table on issues experienced in Indigenous communities and through governance in Canada today. She has worked with federal, provincial and Indigenous levels of governance and has played a role in education for all parties in a number areas.

Marilyn teaches an Indigenous Externship course at the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan, supervises master students and researches Indigenous and Aboriginal Law as well as sits on the board of the Canadian Journal of Poverty Law. She attended the Native Law Centre Summer Program, obtained her LL.B. at the University of Saskatchewan and her LL.M. at Harvard Law School. She has created a number of College and University programs for Indigenous people covering, financial, legal, policy and resource management.

Michif and Irish Scottish, born and raised in Southern Saskatchewan Marilyn is married to Ted Whitecalf and is the mother of four. She comes to her work in this field with passion and conviction and focuses her lens on relationship development on the Indigenous front.