Proposed Outreach Activities

Registration for Teacher's Workshop (opens March 7th)

Please note that registration for the Teacher's Workshop includes access to the three events listed below and does not include access to the normal conference technical sessions. Please contact Steve Hinds for additional information.

Geoheritage special session and teacher's workshop

Organized and presented by Steve Hinds, John Calder, Martha Grantham, Graham Williams, Robert Grantham, and Toon Pronk.

Friday May 23rd

There will be a day/half day (?) session of Geoheritage of Canada talks which will outline important geological sites in Canada with emphasis on the Maritime Provinces. Along with the scientific content, some presentations will focus on cultural points of view such as Aboriginal perspective and artist-scientist interaction.

Saturday May 24th
An education outreach teachers workshop will be held to better promote geoscience within the education system. Janice Williams and associates from Mining Matters will be presenting the " 9 big Ideas" of geoscience that any student (and teacher) should be aware of coming out of a geoscience course. These ideas will be supported with demonstrations by local teachers from NB and NS and geoscientists from the NB Geological Survey to present innovative techniques for teaching geoscience in the classroom. Also, the established geoscience teaching curriculum from Nova Scotia will be presented as a local example of what could be implemented in New Brunswick in the future.

Sunday May 25th
An all day field trip will be offered to teachers at the UNESCO Geopark in the Saint John area of New Brunswick. Representatives of Stonehammer , the local geopark organizing committee, will take teachers on a tour of the local geological/paleontological sites to better solidify the ideas presented in the workshop the day before.