About the logo

The 2014 GAC®MAC logo and slogan are a tribute to the 175 years of geological research and exploration in New Brunswick starting with the original founding of the Provincial Geological Survey of New Brunswick in 1838-39. Pictured in the logo is Abraham Gesner, the first Provincial Geologist of New Brunswick.  Among his exploits, Gesner is credited with discovery of the process of refining coal oil (kerosene), that ushered in the use oil and gas laterns that lighted the Victorian era.  The kerosene latern integrated into the logo harkens to the earliest days of hydrocarbon exploration and refining in Canada and illuminates the long history of earth sciences research in the province.  A history of Gesner's adventures in Victorian New Brunswick are documented in Gwen Martin's book 'Gesner's Dream' that is available from theGAC bookstore

Profits resulting from the 1985 Fredericton GAC®MAC conference have been allocated to an endowed scholarship fund (GAC®-MAC Fredericton ’85 Scholarship) managed by UNB.  The goal of the 2014 GAC®MAC local organizing committee is to continue this tradition by endowing a new fund from the LOC profit that will support a scholarship to attract bright and motivated earth sciences students into our discipline.  The proposed new scholarship, "The Atlantic Geoscience Society Gesner Scholarship at UNB" is designed to resonate with AGS’ Gesner Medal (Distinguished Scientist Award) and provides a fitting compliment other endowed scholarships honouring more recent celebrities of NB geology (e.g., Department of Earth Sciences A.L. 'Arnie' McAllister Scholarship).