Members in Training

Engineering and geoscience related work experience gained prior to graduation can be submitted for review to APEGNB's Board of Admissions once you are enrolled in the APEGNB Member-in-Training.

Once you have completed one half of your engineering graduation requirements, your work experience (up to 12 months) can be included in your first submission after graduating to be reviewed.

All MIT’s should keep a chronological, professional logbook for all the time that he/she is gaining engineering or geoscience work experience. This Logbook will be submitted to the Internship Committee for examination. Logbooks will be submitted after 6 months of employment after graduating, then another submission after 2 years of employment, and finally after 3 years of employment. A summary of your 4th year of employment will be submitted with your P.Eng./P.Geo. application.

Please see for full details and example log books.