Learn about Career Cruising

Career Cruising, a Canadian career development platform, is available to all of UNB's current students and alumni, along with future students from any province.

Need a username and password to login? Get them here.

So why is Career Cruising important as a university student?

  • Career Cruising is a supplement to your academic advising and career development/counselling conversations. (But it does not replace these conversations.)

  • It is an intuitive and self-directed portal. Login with our standard username and password. Then create an individualized "My Plan" account to keep track of things.

  • It allows you to explore your career interests, values, skills, and personal learning styles with a few robust self-assessments. You can do each of them more than once.

  • You can use your assessment results with the built-in "Matchmaker" to start matching your interests and skills with potential careers and academic programs.

  • You can determine which academic programs meet your career interests; or alternatively, which career paths you can pursue based on your academic interests.

  • When exploring programs, you can learn about program cost & length, related fields of study (including grad school), and more.

  • You can explore career development pathways, potential salary ranges, job availability, potential employers, and educational requirements for each career pathway.

Get started with Career Cruising

Whether you are a current student or an alumni, contact the Career Development & Employment Centre for a username & password if you don’t have one yet. Future students can use login credentials from their high school.

Once you have login credentials, setup a "My Plan" account within Career Cruising. We recommend starting with the built-in assessments and then taking some time to explore Career Cruising’s features.