The Meerkat

You are idealistic and passionate. You are a dreamer at heart - you value outside-the-box ideas, sticking to your principles, and doing good. You are quiet and private about your emotions, but you may have a gift for expressing yourself in other ways, such as writing or art. You have a lot of integrity. Going with the crowd to please others isn't your style - you follow your own heart. 

These programs may be a good fit for you:

Applied Arts (Fredericton)
Computer Science (Fredericton | Saint John)
Drama (Fredericton)
Education (Fredericton | Saint John)
English (Fredericton | Saint John)
History (Fredericton | Saint John)
Human Resources Management (Fredericton | Saint John)
Law (Fredericton)
Media Arts and Cultures (Fredericton)
Nursing (Fredericton | Saint John)
Political Science (Fredericton | Saint John)
Psychology (Fredericton | Saint John)
Radiation Therapy (Saint John)
Radiography (Saint John)
Respiratory Therapy (Saint John)
Software Engineering (Fredericton | Saint John)