Career tasks at university

Your Third Year | Get Specific

You can download the Career Tasks Worksheet (PDF) or refer to the list below to plan and execute tasks for career planning appropriate to third year students.

  • research work opportunities, graduate schools, and funding options
  • register for and write admission tests, such as LSAT/MCAT (this process can take up to a year)
  • try job shadowing and information interviewing to find out what the work is really like (connect with UNB Associated Alumni’s Alumni Mentoring Program or Bridge Network)
  • clarify your short & medium term career goals
  • develop resume-writing and interviewing skills
  • do a "grad check" or "program audit" to ensure you will meet the requirements to graduate from your program next year
Regardless of your field of study and program progress, consult with your academic advisor and with the career services on your campus.