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Career tasks at university

Your Second Year | Career Assessment & Research

You can download the Career Tasks Worksheet (PDF) or refer to the list below to plan and execute tasks for career planning appropriate to second year students.

  • take time to identify your personality, strengths, interests, values and how these relate to your career options
  • explore work options in your field of study ("What can I do with a degree in....?")
  • build non-academic/transferable skills
  • develop leadership experience through campus and community activities
  • if uncertain about your career direction, book a career consultation with your Career Development Practitioner (Fredericton) or Career Counsellor (Saint John)
  • attend job fairs for summer employment
  • attend career fairs for career networking and future planning


Regardless of your field of study and program progress, consult with your academic advisor and with the career services on your campus.