Nursing and Health Sciences

The Department of Nursing and Health Sciences currently does not have a Program Blueprint. Instead you can visit their website for information about the nursing profession or contact the program Coordinator.

Program options

You can study part-time and in a variety of formats that are convenient for you. Depending on your background and area of interest, you may be able to complete the BIS online or at a distance, without ever coming to campus.

See the Bachelor of Integrated Studies to learn more.

What makes Integrated Studies graduates unique

Graduates of the Bachelor of Integrated Studies will be able to set a direction, create and maintain commitment to that direction, and face adaptive challenges. BIS graduates will also have an interdisciplinary awareness of current social, political, and economic concerns, the leadership qualities required to assume the challenges of citizenship, and the capabilities to facilitate change.

The Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) graduate is primed to meet the challenges of a competitive, ever changing world.

What employers look for

  • Intellectual and research skills -- capacity for life-long learning
  • Critical and analytical thinking -- ability to absorb and analyze complex material from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.
  • Communication skills -- the ability to listen or read, synthesize, draw conclusions, and effectively communicate in both oral and written form
  • Problem solving skills -- capacity to make discerning judgments and decisions

What can I learn?

Study in any subject that interests you!

Students in the BIS program are required to complete the Certificate in Leadership Studies and a minor in a field of their choosing. The remaining courses for the degree are elective credit chosen by you, based on your interests and goals

Where can I go after graduation?

Common fields of work for BIS graduates include (but not limited to)

  • Researcher
  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Civil Servant
  • Policy Analyst
  • Program Coordinator
  • Communications Officer

Common advanced degrees for BIS graduates include

Some careers and fields of expertise of interest to you may require additional education or training afer completing your BIS. Consult with your academic advisor.

How do I get the skills I need?

At UNB, there are many ways to succeed in your field of study and in your future career. For example, you can participate in the Co-Curricular Program. You can complete internships, co-ops, and field schools; participate in Work-study and similar opportunities; join and lead a student group with the Student Union (Fredericton) or Students’ Representative Council (Saint John); and find other ways to volunteer doing things that interest you.

Your skill development will be guided with the help of an academic advisor and other professionals in your program of study.

Explore what's relevant to you

These avenues will assist you with your career planning depending on where you are in your studies