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Trademark and Visual Identity Policies

UNB's Trademark Policy and Visual Identity Policy guide and support members of the UNB community as we work together to increase awareness and build UNB’s reputation as a leader in research, innovation, experiential learning and community impact.

Find both under "Trademark Policy" in the UNB Policy Repository.

Trademark Policy

The Trademark Policy outlines the ownership and protection of UNB’s registered and unregistered marks. It ensures that the use of our marks positively represents and reflects UNB’s academic heritage.

Visual Identity Policy

The Visual Identity Policy is a management policy within the Trademark Policy. It outlines the application of our visual identity to our communication, design and presentation materials and ensures that our brand standards and guidelines are consistently applied.

Cohesion and consistency

Our brand is a powerful tool. People across the province, country and around the world come to know UNB through the various expressions of our brand – our logo, colours, fonts, messaging and more.

The more we showcase and represent UNB cohesively and consistently, the more we build our familiarity and market presence; this in turn will increase the value of our brand, bringing benefits to all of us.

Process and ownership

The university updated the Trademark Policy and developed a Visual Identity Policy in 2021 to ensure they reflect the current landscape and safeguard our corporate assets. 

Based on our context, legal advice and best practices from other universities, we presented our proposed versions to the UNB community for feedback. Stakeholders across both campuses were consulted throughout the entire process and the policies were refined to incorporate their feedback.

The Visual Identity Policy is managed by the Marketing Office. The Trademark Policy is owned by the Office of the Vice-President Administration and Finance. 

Contact us

We encourage you to reach out to the marketing team at if you have any questions about applying the UNB brand and visual identity in your work.