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Stories of innovation, creativity and community that you'll only find at UNB

11-month BEd: Being in an actual classroom is critical to a pre-service teacher’s success. That’s why our Bachelor of Education students are in New Brunswick schools from day one.

Applied Management: Our unique two-year-long Bachelor of Applied Management builds on your college experience with university-level studies.

Biomedical Engineering: What started out as an informal research centre is now a world leader in the field of upper limb prosthetics – and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Business Co-op: Imagine working a job in a field you love while earning university credit and getting paid. UNB’s accredited business co-op program can make this a reality.

Co-Curricular Program: The CCP puts a twist on traditional learning, allowing students to enrich their university experience beyond the classroom.

Computer Science: With a program that integrates computer science with other disciplines, it’s no wonder nearly 100 per cent of UNB computer science grads find a job in their field.

Creative Writing: Get inspired with our nationally-renowned creative writing program.

Cybersecurity Lab: The Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity conducts world-class, groundbreaking research into the most pressing cybersecurity challenges of our time.

Digital Games: For most students, games are a distraction from their work. But for Katie Wilson, games are the work.

Earth Sciences: Students studying earth sciences at UNB waste no time getting their hands on the tools and topics they’re learning about.

Exchange Programs: Study in Germany, Hong Kong, Malawi, Jamaica, the U.K., or dozens of other countries while building professional skills and self-confidence.

Experiential Learning: For Kyle Buckley, Promise Partnership did more than give him a way to make a difference in his community, it changed his career goals.

Forestry: In a world where some people may be competing with a dozen others for one job, companies are knocking on UNB’s door to hire forestry students.

Game Design: We offer Eastern Canada’s only bachelor of arts with courses in game design, from building a game to studying games like film.

Google: You’ve seen Google Earth’s high-quality satellite images. Did you know they exist thanks to technology that was developed at UNB?

Human Performance Lab: UNB’s faculty of kinesiology is home to one of the most advanced, innovative and unique motion analysis labs in North America.

International Teaching Placements: Students in the faculty of education can complete their teaching placements at schools in Colombia and China.

Law Internships: Law professionals do more than sit in a courtroom. Second-year UNB law student Sarah Rouse discovered, those working in law can be agents of change for the vulnerable.

Marine Biology: As one of Canada’s only marine biology programs, we go the extra mile to provide a unique experience for students. Plus, study in Australia or the Caribbean.

Medicinal Chemistry: The pharmaceutical industry is on the brink of a major boom – and the University of New Brunswick’s medicinal chemistry program is ready and waiting.

NASA: Thanks to the groundbreaking research and expertise of faculty members, students have the chance to work directly with NASA analyzing research into the atmosphere.

Nursing: Practice makes perfect. That's why UNB nursing students begin clinical practice in their first year, getting more time in the field to perfect their skills.

Renaissance College: We’re home to Canada’s first accelerated degree in interdisciplinary leadership. Desks? Don’t have them. Lectures? Forget about it.

Saint John Theatre Company: English practicums with the Saint John Theatre Company give students the chance to put their skills into practice.

Social Entrepreneurship: Kayley Reed knew she was destined to be a leader. Planning events and leading fundraising campaigns at her high school in small-town Alberta, Kayley always wanted to contribute to her community.

Software Engineering: Learn and benefit from both the faculty of computer science and the faculty of engineering in UNB’s unique Software Engineering program.

Student Investment Fund: UNB’s Student Investment Fund gives students the chance to handle $8 million in real assets – and the pressure that comes with it.

Venture Analyst Program: The Venture Analyst Program helps commercialize student inventions and launch new start-ups. Don’t have the expertise to develop and market your ideas? We can help.