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Computer science grads get jobs in their field

With a program that integrates computer science with other disciplines, it’s no wonder nearly 100 percent of UNB computer science grads find a job in their field

The statistics don’t lie.

UNB Fredericton’s faculty of computer science boasts that nearly 100 per cent of their graduates find a job in their field.

Dr. Ali Ghorbani, dean of UNB Fredericton’s faculty of computer science, said the high employment rate comes from how the faculty prepares its graduates for the real world.

“Computer science is one of the most interdisciplinary areas of study,” he said.

“Our graduates are learning fundamentals and problem-solving techniques using the information technology approaches. While here they also have the opportunity as part of the program to take elective courses from other disciplines.”

A student’s course load features half computer science courses, while the other half mixes in courses from other disciplines, which Ghorbani said gives students the added breadth of knowledge.

When faculty of computer science students graduate, they leave UNB with multiple skills – but they all understand the core fundamentals of computer science.

A program designed to create problem-solvers

“The whole point of the computer science program has been to teach our students to be problem-solvers with the fundamental skills of how to design a solution, how to prepare a solution and how to develop a solution,” Ghorbani said.

Depending on what other disciplines they studied, graduates can find jobs like working as systems analysts, developers for pharmaceutical companies or even designing social media sites

Ghorbani said the program’s structure allows students various education options, so they’re more likely to find jobs in their field.

“Once they have graduated from here they aren’t doing something that is totally strange to them, for example being a security person. They work in a field very related to what they studied in university.”

Providing real-world experience for students

Randi Jean Watson, a faculty of computer science student, is currently involved in a co-op term, which she said has prepared her for the work force.

“We benefit from this program so much, but it’s great for employers too – they get experienced employees right out of university. Many students even get jobs with companies that they worked for during co-op,” she said.

“My current co-op employer has offered me a position after I finish my degree, so I already have a job in place five months before I graduate.”

Watson plans on graduating with a bachelor of computer science this spring.

“Employers are giving students the same work as everyone else. I have always felt like a regular member of the team on my work terms and learned a lot.”

By choosing to study computer science, Ghorbani said students – and their parents – can feel confident knowing their career can provide job security.

Ghorbani said it’s important that the program moulds students into well-rounded individuals, rather than just teach specialized skills.

“They have those fundamentals and they can quickly use their fundamentals to adapt to the environment they’re working in.”

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