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UNB’s Co-Curricular Program is energizing the student experience

New program gives students the opportunity to enrich education outside of the classroom

UNB’s new Co-Curricular Program (CCP) puts a twist on traditional learning, allowing students to enrich their university experience beyond the classroom.

Students on both the Fredericton and Saint John campuses can now be formally recognized – and certified – for their leadership and development outside the classroom.

Showcasing the whole university experience

The program is built around six main learning themes:

  • Career Development
  • Global & Cultural Awareness
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership & Entrepreneurship
  • Civic/Social Responsibility and Proudly UNB

Activities may be volunteering at a local charity, attending a workshop or lecture, taking a yoga class, acting in a play, or tutoring a classmate.

The Co-Curricular Program is self-paced and can be completed throughout a student’s time at UNB. It’s open to any student who wishes to participate and even offers you the opportunity to count past experiences towards completion of the program.

Complement your degree and personalize your experience

The program began its official pilot in 2016 and recently recognized the first students – Cory Quintal and Nick Bransfield – to have completed the Co-Curricular Program.

“While completing the tasks within the program, you will be opening many doors to short- and long-term opportunities as well as establishing connections with community leaders both on and off campus,” says Mr. Bransfield.

Demonstrate personal, professional, and people skills to employers and graduate schools

“The program acts as an umbrella that brings together many of the events, activities and experiences that students can be a part of,” says Gillian McLean, program co-coordinator on the Fredericton campus.

“Completion of the program will develop the students personally and professionally. It will get them ready for employers or grad school – in addition to their academic degree.”

With all of the support and research that has continuously been put into this program, CCP has already proven its success and importance within the community. After its first year, almost 200 students have enrolled in the program. And it’s unique.

“Right now UNB offers the only Co-Curricular Program of its kind in Atlantic Canada that we know of,” McLean said.

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