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Innovative programs 

As one of Canada's top comprehensive universities, students can choose from more than 75 innovative and experiential programs offered here at UNB.

Arts introduces game design

We boast Eastern Canada’s only bachelor of arts program with courses in game design in the department of culture and language studies on our Fredericton campus. Students not only critique and engage intellectually with media, but they develop the tools and techniques to create media content.

A creative writing powerhouse

UNB’s faculty of arts in Fredericton is home to a nationally renowned creative writing program, producing award-winning authors and poets every year.

Marine biology in the Bay of Fundy

With professors internationally recognized in the field and its ideal location on the Saint John-Kennebecasis River estuarine complex, UNB's Saint John campus is one of only a few campuses in Canada to offer a complete marine biology program, from Bachelor of Science to PhD.

Managing $8 million in real assets

UNB business students manage $8 million of real assets in a Student Investment Fund program that is one-of-a-kind in Canada. The program gives students the chance to learn the theory and practice of portfolio management using real money and done in real-time. As of July 2015, the fund is worth nearly $8 million, making it the largest undergraduate-run fund of its kind in the country.

Turn your college diploma into a degree

The faculty of business on UNB's Saint John campus offers a unique program for college graduates to turn their two-year diploma – in any field – into a university degree. Bachelor of Applied Management (BAM) students come from diverse fields like journalism, animation, culinary arts and graphic design.

Computer science meets entrepreneurship

UNB’s is home to Canada’s only computer science faculty with a dedicated entrepreneurship and innovation centre. Functioning as an incubator, CS Square aims to create an atmosphere that nurtures research, innovation and entrepreneurship among our students. It's no wonder nearly 100% of faculty of computer science graduates find a job in their field.

UNB also has the only software engineering program in Atlantic Canada, offered through the faculty of computer science and faculty of engineering in Fredericton.

Activating new businesses

The Venture Analyst Program in UNB's faculty of management (Fredericton) was created in 2007 to help our business students launch startups. Since the program began, our students have live-launched at least one New Brunswick business every year.

The faculty of business on our Saint John campus provides students with the proper skills and training to make them in demand in the workplace by offering an accredited business co-op program with alternating academic and paid work semesters.

Influencing local policy

Students majoring in political science on UNB's Saint John campus work on local community issues and present policy recommendations to local municipal council, including a revitalization plan for a stretch of land in Saint John's south end.

Partnering with local theatre companies

Students majoring in English on our Saint John campus can register for theatre production courses held in partnership with the Saint John Theatre Company.

Canada's "Great Small Law School"

Our faculty of law wears the name of Canada’s “Great Small Law School” with pride. With one of the strongest practice-oriented juris doctor (JD) programs in the country and a student to faculty ratio of 14:1, we are consistently ranked among Canada's best.

Pairing engineers with industry

Our faculty of engineering prides itself on providing students with opportunities for real-world experiences at home and abroad. Through labs, field training, and design projects, UNB engineering students contribute directly to industry and research as part of their program.

UNB Fredericton's world-class undergraduate teaching labs are also rated among the best in North America.

Experiential-based health care

UNB's nursing faculties in Fredericton and Saint John provide hands-on training for students well before graduation, ensuring our future health care professionals are well-equipped for the workforce. Our nursing students start clinical practice in their first year of study. In Fredericton, students have the opportunity to gain community health experience at UNB's Community Health Clinic.

Our Saint John campus has an intensive, experience-based health sciences program as part of the Tucker Park Collaborative. Students can obtain a bachelor of health sciences in radiation therapy, radiography and respiratory therapy with the opportunity to participate on teams of health care professionals, directly impacting patient care.

Academic and athletic excellence 

UNB is known for its varsity sports teams, but there's more behind the faculty of kinesiology than national championships. The Bachelor of Recreation and Sports Studies program is the only degree of its kind in Canada that combines recreation and sport in one degree. UNB is also ranked in the top 10 schools by number of CIS Academic All-Canadians – a recognition handed out to student athletes who achieve an academic standing of 80% or above while playing on a varsity sports team. In 2014, our Varsity Reds women's volleyball team became the only varsity team in Canada with a straight A-earning squad.

Collaboration on criminal justice issues

The Centre for Criminal Justice Studies (CCJS) on our Saint John campus gives students the chance to engage with issues surrounding criminal justice. The research centre partners with police, community and government agencies to share knowledge on preventing, reducing and managing criminal behavior and related social justice issues.

Through these partnerships, graduate and undergraduate students can gain valuable hands-on experience. Current students are involved with projects like examining psychopathic personality traits in everyday people, evaluating the effects of a bullying prevention program, studying police response to intimate partner violence, assessing the use of core correctional practice to reduce criminal behavior and exploring mental health needs in police officers – all of which help agencies develop strategic plans for prevention, management and response. This experience has led to a wealth of knowledge – and the centre recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

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