UNB events calendar guidelines

  • The UNB Events Calendar is a forum for university-related events only.  This includes only university-related events held on campus or events sponsored by a UNB faculty, department, unit or student organization. 
  • The full text of messages intended for transmission must be provided via our online submission form.
  • Event details should be no longer than 250 words in length. If elaboration is needed, website addresses should be given.
  • Student Affairs and Services and Communications & Marketing reserves the right to prioritize event postings based on time sensitivity and breadth of interest.
  • The UNB Events Calendar does not promote events at which the consumption of alcohol is the primary focus, e.g. pub crawls.
  • The content of events submitted to UNB’s Events Calendar is subject to the University's general regulations on conduct. Submissions that do not meet these criteria will not be included.
  • When submitting an event, please do not use abbreviations or acronyms on first reference.  Please spell out names of buildings or rooms.  Ex. Marshall d’Avray Hall, Room 242.
  • Use Canadian Press style when submitting articles with dates.  Ex. Oct. 31, 2013 instead of October 31st, 2013.
  • Ensure that the campus is clearly specified within the body of the event posting.
  • Inclusion of any particular event posting is at the discretion of the Executive Director, Student Affairs and Services and the Director, Communications & Marketing and cannot be guaranteed.
  • This is an automated tool; submissions will not be edited for format, building names, etc., so please make sure the information is correct before pressing the Submit button.
  • Do not copy and paste from Word. Copying and pasting text from a word document, may result in your article in not being posted. We recommend to copy your word document to 'notepad' or 'textedit' then copy that content over to this editor. That way, the word embedded styling wil be removed making your post web friendly.

By choosing to submit an event, I agree to the above guidelines.