Faculty: Faculty of Science, Applied Science, and Engineering
Degree(s): Bachelor of Science
Campus: Saint John

In psychology we ask why and how people do the things they do. You will apply scientific principles to explore human behaviour such as our desires, impulses, actions and emotions.

University of New Brunswick Saint John faculty members conduct cutting edge research in areas such as criminal justice, forensic psychology, addictions, psychopharmacology, inter-personal relations and well-being, lie detection, animal learning and human development and perception.

What you'll learn

In your first year you will take two introductory psychology courses that will provide you with an overview of major topics such as the biological basis of behaviour, personality development and abnormal psychology. At the end of your second year you may choose to complete a major or double major in psychology. An honours program is also available.

Honours students are required to choose courses from three main areas of study: biological/cognitive basis of behaviour, social/personality behaviour and clinical/applied psychology.

Careers in psychology

A psychology degree declares that you are a student of human nature. You will understand what influences social behaviour and be able to identify potential sources of conflict. An undergraduate degree is a good first step towards a Masters or Ph.D., which are requirements for becoming a clinical psychologist or academic researcher.

Your psychology degree could lead to career as a:

  • caseworker
  • career counsellor
  • family counsellor
  • marriage counsellor
  • human resources professional
  • probation officer
  • parole officer
  • mediator
  • research assistant
  • social worker

Admission Requirements

For admission requirements, select "Science" in our admission requirements tool.

For more information, see the Department of Psychology.