Mechanical Engineering

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering
Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Campus: Fredericton

Mechanical engineers solve problems. They focus on making the world a better place by creating efficient, safe, and environmentally sound components and systems.

In UNB’s Mechanical Engineering program, you’ll learn to analyze, design, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. You’ll gain the skills you need to create and build mechanical devices such as spacecraft and artificial limbs, to design automation, medical tools, robotics, and ventilation systems, and to redesign existing mechanical systems and components to be more affordable and environmentally sound. 

Mechanical Engineering is available as a major in the Bachelor of Science in Engineering program.

Why Mechanical Engineering at UNB?

Many of New Brunswick’s successful mechanical engineers have graduated from UNB’s Mechanical Engineering program. That’s because the program offers exciting and diverse program options, including Biomedical Engineering and Mechatronics. 

Hands-on learning:

Skills you will acquire:

  • Analyze, design, improve, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems and devices
  • Solve problems using applied physics and other science disciplines
  • Find solutions that respect the environment and other stakeholders
  • Communicate technical solutions
  • Work with other engineering disciplines

More info

For more information, see the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Admission Requirements

For admission requirements, select "Engineering" in our admission requirements tool.

Sample Courses

  • ME 4243: Advanced Manufacturing Methods
  • ME 4173: Robot Kinematics
  • ME 4424: Sustainable Energy Systems Design
  • ME 5553: Ocean Wave Energy Conversion


  • Mechanical engineer
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Automotive engineer
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Power engineer
  • Consulting engineer