Geological Engineering

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering
Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Campus: Fredericton

Geological Engineers explore, protect, and responsibly develop the Earth’s water, mineral, and energy resources. They also ensure that engineering structures are designed for long-term stability and safety, taking geological conditions and hazards into account.

Geological Engineering at UNB is a four-year Bachelor of Science in Engineering Program.

Why Geological Engineering at UNB?

UNB offers the only geological engineering program in Atlantic Canada. As a joint initiative from the Department of Earth Sciences and the Department of Civil Engineering, your degree will focus on one of the three specialized learning streams: geoenvironmental, geotechnical, and mineral resources. Small class sizes provide excellent access to mentorship and opportunities to participate in groundbreaking research. Additionally, the program takes advantage of New Brunswick’s incredible geological diversity to offer students hands-on training.

Hands-on learning

Students complete three field schools as part of their degree. They may also participate in two subsidized field trips to international destinations of outstanding geological significance. Students complete a design course in each year of their degree, culminating with a full-year team design project. Students may also enroll in the Engineering Co-op Program as part of their degree.

Skills you will acquire:

  • Multi-disciplinary education in the use of geological, geotechnical, geophysical, geochemical, and hydrological methods to investigate the Earth’s materials and resources
  • Judgment skills to critically assess and integrate data
  • Design skills to make safe, environmentally responsible, and economically feasible decisions and recommendations
  • Communication skills to explain findings to other professionals and to a public increasingly conscious of environmental impacts

More info

For more information, see the Department of Engineering.

Admission Requirements

For admission requirements, select "Engineering" in our admission requirements tool.

Sample Courses

  • ESCI 1001: The Earth: Its Origin, Evolution and Age
  • ESCI 3411: Rock Mechanics
  • ESCI 3482: Mineral Resources, Economics and the Environment
  • GE 5753: Engineering Hydrogeology


  • Engineer
  • Geoscientific and environmental consulting
  • Project leaders for the exploration of minerals, energy, and groundwater resources
  • Environmental protection
  • Government and regulatory agencies