Faculty: Faculty of Management
Degree(s): Bachelor of Business Administration
Campus: Fredericton

Logistics is one of the most important jobs in the world. Without it, world food shortages would lead to utter chaos, and society as we know it would cease to function.

Study Logistics at UNB and you’ll learn what it takes to move materials, people, energy, and information, while reducing cost, improving customer service, and providing an organization with greater flexibility and competitiveness.

Why Logistics at UNB?

At UNB's Fredericton campus, you can concentrate your BBA in logistics and, you’ll learn from innovative instructors recognized for innovative logistics research. In addition, business grads with logistics and data analysis training are in high demand, both in New Brunswick and around the world.

Hands-on learning:

  • Co-operative Education (Co-op) program consisting of a minimum of three four-month work terms. Accredited by the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education.
  • Logistics competition sponsored by New Brunswick businesses

Skills you will acquire:

  • Managing uncertainty and risk within supply chains
  • Segmenting different customer products and channels, and designing optimal logistics strategies
  • Identifying, designing, and implementing forecasting methods
  • Identifying, designing, and implementing inventory replenishment policies
  • Selecting optimal transportation routes

Admission Requirements

For admission requirements, select "Business" in our admission requirements tool.

Sample Courses

  • ADM 4615: Operations Management
  • ADM 4635: Supply Chain Management
  • ADM 4656: Location Theory


  • Inventory control specialist
  • Logistics services salesperson
  • Logistics software practitioner
  • Systems support
  • Transportation agent
  • Vendor-managed inventory coordinator
  • Production agent
  • Purchasing officer
  • Logistics specialist
  • Operations research analyst
  • Quality control specialist