Digital Business Design

Faculty: Faculty of Business
Degree(s): Bachelor of Business Administration
Campus: Saint John

University of New Brunswick Saint John BBA students who major in the Digital Business Design Program are introduced to the relationship between business and networked online commerce.

The competitive edge

Whether you are interested in marketing, accounting, process design, operations, strategy, human resources, or organizational change, success in today’s business environment depends on the ability to take advantage of e-business strategies.

UNB Saint John is a leader in the field of Digital Business Design, and will equip students for positions in traditional firms and new technology startups, or give them the skills to start their own businesses. Our graduates also have the knowledge and skills to qualify for other professional programs or graduate studies.

How does it work?

To major in Digital Business Design in the BBA program, students must complete a minimum of eight term courses (24 credit hours). Six of these courses are compulsory; the remaining two courses must be chosen from available electives.

Compulsory courses

  • Introduction to Electronic Commerce
  • Technology Fundamentals of Electronic Commerce
  • Industry Impact of Electronic Commerce
  • Marketing on the Internet
  • Legal, Privacy and Security Issues in Electronic Commerce
  • Organizations and Electronic Commerce

Electives may include

  • Frontiers of E-Commerce
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Management of New Enterprise
  • Frontiers of E-Commerce II
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Java Programming for the Internet
  • Introduction to Information and Communication Studies

Or choose any other two courses (six credit hours) with Faculty of Business approval.

Other options

Certificate in Digital Business Design:

Introduces part-time students to a broad range of business disciplines, which is then complemented by a number of intermediate and advanced courses that explore the specific principles of electronic commerce.

Concentration in Digital Business Design:

Includes Introduction to Electronic Commerce, Technology Fundamentals of Electronic Commerce, and two other approved courses

Admission Requirements

For admission requirements, select "Business" in our admission requirements tool.