Political Science

Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts
Campus: Fredericton

Political Science is the study of power in relationships.

From the micro-level of individual and group actions to the macro-level of government and international operations, political science seeks to understand behavior through rigorous analysis and by engaging with broad philosophical questions. Political science is a natural fit for those who find themselves frequently in political debates on social justice topics, or questioning the status quo.

Why Political Science at UNB?

Students choose Political Science at UNB for our:

  • Quality programs
  • Foundational knowledge of politics and political systems
  • Active research faculty
  • Student-oriented atmosphere

Hands-on learning

  • Internship opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship is encouraged and supported through student groups and community advocacy organizations
  • Local volunteer opportunities
  • Students who study international relations and comparative politics often choose to learn abroad with UNB’s exchange program

Skills you will acquire

  • Comprehensive understanding of politics and political outcomes
  • Critical thinking
  • Effective communication

For more information, see the Department of Political Science.

Admission Requirements

For admission requirements, select "Arts" in our admission requirements tool.

Sample Courses

  • POLS 1703: Issues in World Politics
  • POLS 1803: Politics of Climate Change
  • POLS 2503: Women and Politics
  • POLS 3313: Political Psychology
  • POLS 4724: Topics in Environmental History and Politics


  • Public Policy Analyst (in government and non-governmental organizations)
  • Politician
  • Political Aide
  • Communications Officer