Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts
Campus: Fredericton

The Music minor allows students from all Faculties to study music from the perspectives of theory, history, analysis, and performance. The program creates rich learning experiences for students interested in making music and for those primarily interested in learning about music.

The minor consists of 24 credit hours. Students focusing on performance will take at least 12 ch from performance and theory based courses, while students focusing on the history and appreciation of music will take at least 12 ch from courses in those areas.

The Music minor is open to students from any Faculty who have completed 30 ch towards a degree. Students should contact the Director of Music for program approval and advising. 

Why Music at UNB?

With the minor in Music at UNB, students interested in music can group a variety of music courses into a cohesive program focusing on either music theory and performance, or music history and appreciation. Students intending to pursue careers in the arts will benefit from this addition to their degree.

Hands-on learning

Students in the Music minor can receive up to 3 credit hours toward their degree by pursuing private music lessons, and up to 3 credit hours for participation in the UNB Concert Band or UNB Chorale.

Skills you will acquire

  • Explore the history of Western and/or world music
  • Understand basic and/or intermediate music theory
  • Discover the role of modern technology in music making
  • Examine the impact of women in music history
  • Develop music performance, composition, and/or conducting skills
  • Learn the concepts and terminology of music appreciation

More info

For more information, see the Department of Culture and Media Studies.

Admission Requirements

For admission requirements, select "Arts" in our admission requirements tool.

Sample Courses

  • MUS3113: Music, Computers and Technology
  • MUS2797: Rock and American Pop Music
  • MUS1001: Music Through the Ages
  • MUS3799: Women in Music


  • Musician
  • Arts administration
  • Non-profit
  • Graduate student in music/arts