Gender and Women's Studies

Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts
Campus: Fredericton

Gender and Women's Studies gives students an opportunity to explore gender issues in an interdisciplinary context, and it offers a useful complement to other fields. The required courses provide a framework for understanding the gender-based aspects of knowledge, power, and society.

Gender and Women's Studies represents a new approach to knowledge; it examines the gender-based aspects of human experience and women's roles in society. Gender and Women's Studies includes a wide variety of academic disciplines and professions.

Bachelor of Arts

The Gender and Women's Studies program is available as a major, double major or honours option as part of a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree. Courses in the Faculty of Arts cover a broad range of subject areas concerned with the study of human beings and the evolution and nature of global societies, ideas, and institutions. In your first two years of the program, you will select courses in fields like humanities, languages, social sciences as well as science and business to provide you with a broad foundation for advanced study in your chosen subject area during the final two years.

UNB's Women's Centre

The University Women's Centre is a safe, inviting space for everyone. It can be accessed for meetings. It can also be used as a drop-in center or a place to get referrals and resource materials from other agencies. The Centre is an area for individuals to sit and study or eat lunch, meet friends or attend cultural, educational and social events sponsored by the Centre.

For more information, see Gender and Women's Studies.

Admission Requirements

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  • Career Counsellor
  • Community Activist
  • Consultant
  • Editorial Writer or Assistant
  • Family Planning Counsellor
  • Feminist Organization Worker
  • Gender Policy Analyst (in government and non-governmental organizations)