Comparative Cultural Studies

Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts
Campus: Fredericton

Comparative Cultural Studies invites students to pursue the study of cultural expressions as significant ways we make meaning of our world. Through critical comparative analysis of culture with a global perspective, we can begin to understand the relationships between ourselves and others around the world. 

Why Comparative Cultural Studies at UNB?

Comparative Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary program. This means it draws its subject matter and its approaches from a range of areas: literary studies, languages, cultural studies, media and film studies, art history, music studies, etc. Additionally, its focus is international & comparative. You learn about culture(s) and arts across time and geographic regions, in a wide variety of contexts and representations.

More info

For more information, visit the Department of Culture and Media Studies.

Admission Requirements

For admission requirements, select "Arts" in our admission requirements tool.

Sample Courses

  • CCS 3023: Lost and Found in Translation: Comparative Cultural Studies
  • CCS 3909: Three Cultures in Medieval Spain
  • CCS 3065: Horror Across Media and Culture
  • CCS 2021: Popular Culture

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