The Minor in Linguistics at UNB Saint John consists of eight term-courses organized in three groups, which are listed below. The requirements are as follows: 2 required term-courses from Group 1, a minimum of 2 term-courses from Group 2, a minimum of 2 term-courses from Group 3.

Admission requirements, standards etc.
A mark of C or higher in every course is required for granting of the Minor. Prerequisites for courses included in the three groups do not count toward the eight term-courses for the Minor.

List of courses
Group 1 - required (2 term-courses)
LING 2101 Linguistics I
LING 2202 Linguistics II

Group 2 - Linguistics options (minimum 2 term-courses)
LING 1102 English Syntax
LING 3111 Language Acquisition
LING 3113 Phonetics & Phonology
LING 3114 Syntax
LING 3212 The History of the English Language
LING 3223 Semantics
LING 3224 Cognition and Language

Group 3 - related options (minimum of 2 term-courses)
CS 4613 Programming Languages
CS 4913 Theory of Computation
ED 3561 Introduction to Second Language Education
ENGL 3601 Introduction to Literary Theory
FR 1203 Communicating in French I
FR 1204 Communicating in French II
FR 2203 Communicating in French III
FR 2204 Communicating in French
FR 1304 French for Immersion Students I
FR 2304 French for Immersion Students II
GER 1003 Basic German
GER 1004 Improving Basic German
GER 2003 Creative German
GRK 1001 Introductory Ancient Greek I
GRK 1002 Introductory Ancient Greek II
HUM 1021 Effective Writing I
HUM 2021 Effective Writing II
LAT 1001 Introductory Latin I
LAT 1002 Introductory Latin II
LAT 2001 Intermediate Latin I
LAT 2002 Intermediate Latin II
MATH 2003 Discrete Mathematics
PHIL 3063 Introduction to Language and Semantics
PSYC 3693 Cognitive Processes
PYSC 4733 Cognitive Neuroscience
SOCI 4263 Discourse and Text
SPAN 1203 Introductory Spanish I
SPAN 1204 Introductory Spanish II
SPAN 2203 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2204 Intermediate Spanish II