Biology Major

In the Biology Major of our BA program, a student will gain a broad experience through core biological sciences courses. These consist of areas such as zoology and ecology, including a wide range of courses with biological topics from the molecular level to the biosphere; and our courses in the Arts and Social Sciences will meet your needs and interests as you plan your career in Health, Education, Graduate school or Law. 

Students who wish to major in Biology will have to plan their course selections carefully to meet the various prerequisite requirements. 

The following courses are required for all Biology Majors in the BA program:

Core First and Second Year Courses:

  1. BIOL 1105
  2. BIOL 1017BIOL 1205
  3. CHEM 1041CHEM 1046
  4. CHEM 1072CHEM 1077

NOTE: Students who do not have High School chemistry should take CHEM 1831 and either combination of [CHEM 1872 and CHEM 1877] or [CHEM 1041 and CHEM 1046] to substitute for requirements 3 and 4.

  5.  BIOL 2585
  6.  BIOL 2615
  7.  Two courses from the following: BIOL 2015, BIOL 2125, BIOL 2245BIOL 2485
  8.  STAT 2263

Core Third and Fourth Year Courses:

Students will complete at least 8 upper level Biology courses. NOTE: Students must have the appropriate 2000 level Biology course(s) to enrol in upper level courses. The course descriptions list the necessary prerequisites.

For all required courses, students must obtain a grade of “C” or higher. Students must also complete the general BA requirements. For students who are majoring in other discipline, a Biology minor option is available.