Biology Major

Students who wish to major in Biology will have to plan their course selections carefully in order to meet the various prerequisite requirements. The Biology Major in the BA program will include courses in whole organisms and ecology but will exclude Biochemistry, Cell Biology and a few of the Marine Biology courses.

During the first year the student will take BIOL 1105 during Term 1. In Term 2, BIOL 1205 and BIOL 1017 are required. Students must also complete a year of Chemistry courses. Students must take CHEM 1831 (a minimum grade of “B” is required in both courses) or CHEM 1041 / CHEM 1046 / CHEM 1072 / CHEM 1077. Students taking CHEM 1041 etc. must also take MATH 1003.

During second year the students will take BIOL 2125, BIOL 2485, BIOL 2585, BIOL 2615 and STAT 2263 or equivalent. During the third and fourth year the students will complete at least eight upper level Biology courses. Students must have the appropriate 2000 level Biology course to enrol in upper level courses. The course descriptions list the necessary prerequisites.

Except where noted above, a grade of “C” or higher is required for all core courses. Students must also complete the general BA requirements. There is not a Minor in Biology.