Electrical and Computer Engineering

A grade of C or higher is required in all Electrical Engineering courses.

NOTE: See the beginning of Section F for abbreviations, course numbers and coding.

ECE1813Electricity and Magnetism4 ch (3C 1T 3L*) (EL)

An introduction to the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism and applications. Covers concepts of charge, electric fields, voltage, current, power, energy, magnetic fields and the link between electricity and magnetism for the creation of machines. Includes resistors, resistance, Ohm's law, Kirchoff's voltage and current laws, some electrical properties of materials. Electric sources, simple series, paralell, and series-paralell DC circuits and mesh analysis are examined. Energy conversion and simple electric machines are examined. The behaviour and use of common sensors and transducers are discussed.

Prerequisite: Two years of high school physics (or equivalent)

Co-requisite: MATH 1003.

ECE2021Electrical Design, Experimentation, and Measurements2 ch (1C 2L) (EL)
A practically oriented course focusing on the application of basic electrical design principles including analog and digital circuit design, prototyping, measurement, testing, troubleshoooting, documentation, and version control.

Prerequisite: ECE 1813
ECE2214Digital Logic Design 3 ch (3C 1T)

An introductory course to practical aspects of digital system design. The course covers digital logic design, including basic design concepts and implementation technology, number representations, synthesis of combinational and sequential logic, and the use of HDL and computer-based tools.

Prerequisites: CMPE 1003 or CS 1003 or CS 1073 or equivalent. RecommendedECE 1813.

: ECE 2215.
ECE2215Digital Logic Design Laboratory1 ch (3L*) (EL)

This is an introductory course to practical aspects of digital systems design. Course includes the design of digital circuits with CAD tools and VHDL hardware description language.

Prerequisite: CMPE 1003 or CS 1003 or CS 1073 or equivalent. RecommendedECE 1813

Co-requisite: ECE 2214.
ECE2412Simulation and Engineering Analysis4 ch (3C 2L) (EL)

An introduction to modelling and numerical methods as applied in the solution of engineering problems. The solution of nonlinear equations, polynomials, curve fitting, numerical integration and difference equations. Simulation tools such as MATLAB will be used. 

Prerequisites: CMPE 1003 or CS 1003 or CS 1073 or equivalent; ECE 1813 or equivalent; MATH 1013; MATH 1503 or MATH 2213 or equivalent.
ECE2711Electric Circuits4 ch (3C 1T 3L*) (EL)

Basic DC circuits: network analysis and theorems:. AC circuits: introduction of phasors, network analysis and theorems applied to AC circuits. 

Prerequisites: MATH 1013; ECE 1813 or equivalent.

ECE2722Circuits and Systems4 ch (3C 1T 3L*) (EL)

Network analysis; transient and steady state responses; transfer functions; complex frequencies; poles and zeros; Laplace Transforms; frequency response and Bode Plots; filters (passive and active).

Prerequisite: ECE 2711 or equivalent; MATH 1503 or MATH 2213 or equivalent.

Co-requisite: MATH 3503 or equivalent.