F. Permission to Study off Campus at Another University or Other Post-Secondary Institution 

  1. All transfer of credits from other universities or other post-secondary institutions must be approved by the Registrar. A student at UNB who wishes to take courses at another university for credit towards the degree program at UNB must obtain a letter of permission, in advance, from the Registrar at UNB. A letter of permission will not be granted to a student required to withdraw and normally will not be granted to a student on academic probation.
  2. Courses taken with permission at other universities or post-secondary institutions will be considered for transfer credit if credit is granted at the transferring institution, provided that the standard of grade required within the student's UNB program is met. Students will be notified in writing at the time permission is given of the specific minimum grade which must be achieved.
  3. In Faculties where the credit hour system is used, at least half of the credit hours for a degree must be taken at this University. In Faculties where the year-system is used, two years, including the final year, must be taken at this University. These provisions may be waived by the Registrar in consultation with the Faculty concerned in extraordinary circumstances.
  4. Students entering a concurrent degree program are advised that at least one half of the requirements for each degree must be UNB credits.
  5. Faculties may impose an academic decision based on the student's performance while studying at another university or post-secondary institution.
  6. Grades of C - earned at the other institution normally will not be accepted if a minimum grade of "C" in the course is required in the student's program of study. Special requests for consideration of transfer should be made in writing to the Registrar. A decision will be made in consultation with the Faculty concerned.