Admission Regulations

V. Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) refers to the systematic evaluation of learning which an individual has achieved through work, life, and educational experiences, and the relating of that learning to the expected learning outcomes of courses and programs in which the individual is enrolled at UNB for the purpose of granting credit where appropriate. PLA is not the granting of credit for experience but rather for learning. The validity of PLA is based on the recognition that learning takes place in a variety of settings and through a variety of experiences, and that students who bring university-level learning upon entrance to a UNB degree, diploma, or certificate program should receive credit for what they already know or can do, as assessed against the expected outcomes of that program.

If credit is approved, then a grade of "transfer credit" (TR) will be shown on the transcript of record. 

Specific course/s for which credit has been approved through prior learning assessment will be identified as such on the student's record. 

Unassigned credit to be applied to the student's program will be identified as such on the student record. 

Partial course credit as a result of prior learning assessment will not be shown on the student transcript of record. Such a result will form part of a student's computer record if possible in any student information system the University is using and will be held on file in the student's program Faculty and the Registrar's Office.

The result of a PLA evaluation will be recorded subsequent to registration.

For further information, please contact the Dean of your Faculty or the Director, PLA Services.